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Spotlight on Vegas Business

Spotlight on Vegas Business.
Talk Radio Show on Vegas All Net radio

The Lead Team has a radio show called Spotlight On Vegas Business.

The show airs every Monday , 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. on

The show is hosted by Mark and Nicole and is produced by Vegas Unwrapped. 

The main purpose of the show is to help Lead Team members get more exposure , however it is not exclusively members of The Lead Team.

The show covers topics that are pertinent to small and medium size businesses in the Las Vegas area.




Tracy Hartley
Tracy Hartley
Intelligent Technical Solutions
Do you have adequate backups ?
Is your company information secure ?
Tracy Hartley from ITS answers these questions
and explains how you can protect yourself.
 Stephani Ortiz
Stephani Ortiz
http://www,castdesignteam.orgIs your branding sending the right message to your
clients/ potential clients ?Is your branding consistent ?
Stephani explains why all businesses need branding and
how to start your branding.
 Diana Hillis

Diana Hillis
Equity Nevada
The happiest realtors in Las Vegas.
Diana and Doug Hillis help you get into a home.
These awesome realtors can help vets get into a home

 Kaina Kamanu
Saving marriages by completing the honey to do lists efficiently
and affordably.

Each show is split into 8 segments.

Segment 1 : Deals with business news , New lead Team members and announcement of Networking events in Las Vegas

Segment 2 : We will have a guest on the show discussing topics that are pertinent to small and medium size business in las Vegas.

Segment 3 : Our Social Media Segment , where our guest will educate our audience about a specific Social Media topic

Segment 4 : We have our non profit segment where we highlight a worthy cause in our local community.

Segment 5 : Our 2nd business segment where we get a local industry expert on our show.

Segment 6: Our Health Talk , which is sponsored by The LV health and fitness chamber of commerce with their director of membership Nicole , leading the way.

Segment 7: Our tech talk where we talk about technology in business and highlight new technologies , their pitfalls and their advantages.

Segment 8: Networking , here we highlight various busines networking events throughout the valley

Listen live  Mondays 12 to 2 on

We have great advertising rates that will give your business the exposure it deserves. Call on 702 979 5836 to find our about being guest on our show or for advertising rates.

The website for the show is