Marketing Tips



Come on we all do it, when we see that little triangular play button we love to push it and see what is on it. We are a visually driven society and the more images we can see the better. Video will not only help you convey your message better, but will personalize your business and make you more relatable to your audience so that when you do finally meet in person, they feel more at ease and more welcome as they feel they already know you.
Where to place your video ? Simple answer is anywhere you can Social media, your website have links on your emails to the videos for people that are interested in your products.


Create blogs either on a website or social media, yes Facebook and Linked in are forms of blogging. Blogs need to be relevant to your business, keep your clients informed of what is going on in your industry, let them know about any achievements you have made in your industry, upcoming events and so forth. Its your industry, show your clients that you are the expert to go to.


There are hundreds of search engines out there, yes Google and Bing are the dominant ones and of course you should take advantage of their services. Google Maps is a great way of getting noticed by google as well as registering with their Google+ social media.
However seek out other smaller search engines and submit your website for listing, some are free some there is a nominal charge, but they are out there and they will help you get noticed. I generally tend to stay away from the paid search engines unless they have proof that it is well worth it, because lets face it if you are going to spend money on marketing on search engines then you may as well do Google ad words which is far more effective.


Social media is a great free resource, for the most part. However they all have their unique logarithms to determine how your page shows up. Facebook for example only shows your posts to 6% of the people that have liked your page and then more if people start engaging. Do not be afraid to put a $5 or $10 boost on a post, this will of course increase your paid exposure but because of the increased engagement the paid exposure gives your organic (free) reach also increases.