We look forward to welcoming you to our unique business networking group. It is unique because it is an incentive based group, not a punishment based group!

Below are some of the key elements that make up our successful networking group:


No competition

Once you join a chapter, we do not allow anybody else in your category to join that chapter.

Firstly this allows for a friendly non competitive environment and secondly the members have a clear choice of who they should use.

Regular Meetings

Join us at one of our weekly chapter meetings

Join us at one of our weekly chapter meetings

We meet once a week and we require attendance as this is critical to the success of the members, if you don’t show then we can’t give you business….Out of sight is out of mind as they say.

This is the critical part that makes our meetings work. You need to meet often to build relationships and trust as this automatically leads to business.

Incentive based, not punishment based business referral networking group

Our organization is unique in that we REWARD our members with a cash back system for bringing guests, providing leads and doing one on one visitations.

Yes, you read it correctly – Cash is given back to you – in your hands!

Many referral based business network groups punish you for not providing leads, not bringing guests, etc. Our method rather focuses on rewarding you for bringing guests and providing leads.

We do not nickel and dime you at every meeting.

We have other rewards for members that participate , for instance additional advertising on our social media .

We also have a radio show that we encourage our participating members to come on http://www.spotlightonvegasbusiness.com for more information on this.


Members are strongly incentivised to interact with each other.

All members are strongly encouraged to give and take and those that do participate are rewarded in cash and other means.

This referral business networking group is effective and profitable.

Professionals Only

You need to be properly licensed in your category to be a member. We do not want fly by nights or MLM recruiting in our group. MLM type companies are welcome, but may only sell their product or service, they may not recruit in the meetings.

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