• The Lead Team, the premier business networking group.
    The Lead Team, the premier business networking group.
    We promote our members on our radio show, social media , business mixers , weekly meetings, training seminars and much much more
  • The Lead team is an organization of business leaders aimed at developing and improving business relationships for the mutual financial benefit of all members.


May 9 , 2018
Blue Ox , 5825 W Sahara , Las Vegas , NV

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Why join a lead based business networking group ?

  • Business networking is the most cost effective way of marketing your business.
  • Networking requires face to face in person meetings, which can never be replaced by social media or any other online activity.
  • Lead based networking groups tend to be smaller in number, but generate quality leads.
  • The Lead Team is a lead based with a proven system to build relationships and generate real quality leads.

Intro Video for The Lead Team.  Visit a chapter near you to find out the many benefits we can offer your business.

Why the Lead Team , what makes us the best Networking group out there?
Simply put , we do more than just network , we actively promote our members outside the normal meetings.

The Lead Team is an organization aimed at helping small to medium size businesses network in a cost effective and meaningful way.
Our main focus is on building business relationships as we believe that is the only way you can have lasting business.

  • The Lead Team’s primary focus is on relationship building.It’s solid relationships that generate quality referrals.
  • We work on a reward based system, rather than a penalty based system like a lot of other lead based groups.
    As a result the leads received are genuine leads and not fake referrals that you were given just to avoid some form of penalty as many other lead based groups do.
  • We promote our members outside the normal chapter meetings, through our social media and our talk radio show , Spotlight on Vegas Business which is aimed at supporting our members primarily but also contends with issues pertaining to small and medium size business in the Las Vegas valley. All members get at least one opportunity to come as our guest on the radio show.
  • Our business relationships go far beyond the meetings, we encourage visitations we have outings and we are constantly seeking new ways to get business for our clients.
  • Our system works and we have the numbers to prove it. Our system includes a method of tracking the business that is passed between members as well as business that is referred from outside sources.
  • Join us at one of our events or our chapter meetings to see what we are about. There is no obligation or cost to come to our chapter meetings , but we know you will see the benefit immediately
  • We provide training and education through our seminars, lunch and learns, brainstorming and discussion sessions at our weekly meetings.
  • Although we are not a social network, we do have a lot of fun while generating leads for each other.

West Valley Lead based business networking group

One of our chapter meetings

Spotlight on Vegas BusinessOur Radio show , highlighting small to medium size businesses in Las Vegas.
Every Monday on vegasallnetradio.com from noon
 to 2 p.m.

With such a wide variety of groups out there , how does one evaluate the Networking group they wish to be part of ?

We believe that any networking group should have the members interest first and foremost in their minds. They must constantly be thinking of how to better improve services for their members and get their members exposure.

Regular   Meetings Weekly meetings is the best way to build business relationships and stay top of mind. After all we only do business with people we know, like and trust
Incentives Should be some system in place to encourage members to collaborate with each other.
Promote Are the organizers willing to promote the members through other means such as social media , radio shows , flyers etc ?
ROI Is there a way to track how successful you have been in the group. Lets face it , we all join a networking group to get business . We spend hours at these meetings , we spend on membership dues so at the end of the day we all ask the question , is this financially viable for me ?  With groups that do not track this , there is no way of knowing for sure.  :

Common Questions with business referral groups.

1. Does the size of the group matter ?
In itself the answer is no. The more important thing is quality of member and the question one should be asking is not how big , but are the current members active and participating ? Do they have the financial means to give you business and/or the right contacts to give you business leads ?  These are the more important questions that one should be asking.

2. There are many free networking groups out there , so why should one join a fee based group ?
Simply put , you get what you pay for. Free groups tend to have attendees from micro businesses that do not have the connections or finances to be a viable source and are normally just there to sell you there products.

3. Is there such a thing as a group that is too big ?
Yes, but again depends on the organizer of the group. Larger groups tend to start forming cliques where 5 or 6 people tend to stick together. A good organizer does have various means of preventing this from happening , but it is a concern for many.